So. Dance Central 3, eh?

My sleep-deprived neighbors will probably be the first to (grudgingly) tell you that my personal fandom of Dance Central is nothing new. 

Back in June, when we first heard Harmonix was planning to release a third installment of the IP, I admittedly thought there wasn’t much that could be done to improve on Dance Central 2. It did after all, already feature what I thought was some pretty challenging choreography, even if my homegurl Dare and the enigmatic Oblio were left out of the equation.

Although it seems this has happened once again, Harmonix is showing signs of having raised the bar once more with Dance Central 3. The time-travel centered story mode features the same crews we saw in Dance Central 2, shaking theirs and our butts through the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s all the way through the present.

The (Usher-crafted!) choreography seems like the cleanest, and (dare I say it) challenging to date. That coupled with the rumblings of drop-in-drop put co-op modes, and portions of the game where you are required to create your own bits of choreography,  are enough to convince me that on October 16th, it will once again be neighbor-bribing butt-shaking time.

Fortunately for us, our significant other has already forfeited all grievance rights.