I see you, sir Audiophile. Sitting there, holding your Sennheiser HDs around your neck, and saying to yourself, “This chick is about to stand there and tell me about how cool her bright pink Skullcandies are. Great. Maybe if I nod a few times, and then feign some kind of emergency, I might be able to make it out of here without chewing my own leg off.” 

By all means, sir, flee. But before you do, note that this is no simple foray into the visual aesthetics of a product designed by a brand well- known for doing exactly that. In fact, it’s kind of the opposite. Just sayin’.

As we all know, in the past, Skullcandies were generally designed to match your outfit and do little else. Sure, they could be loud, but if you wanted to actually listen anything, you would be hard pressed to call them anything but a poor investment.

Imagine my surprise upon realizing that the Jay Z/Roc Nation co-signed Skullcandy Aviators, while pretty awesome looking, actually sounded like…well, like something I wanted to use to listen to music. Having owned my share of Bose, Shure, Monster and Sony sound equipment, I found myself shockingly impressed by the reliability of the sound.

While certainly not possessing any real sound-cancelling qualities like one might find in Beats Pros, for instance, they do manage to deliver natural vocals, and some pretty powerful smooth bass. Seeing as I’m not exactly walking around jackhammers all day long, they work surprisingly well for my purposes.

For as long as I have had them, the Aviators have displayed their most impressive quality flawlessly, and that is  durability. Here is where they truly shine. I have had the same black pair for just over a year now, and after being stuffed in suitcases, thrown at the bottom of oversized bags, and having their cord dragging at my oft-platformed feet, they show no signs of slowing down.

That,  in my book is pretty impressive, as I have owned all manner of pricey Bose in-ear buds, Heartbeats, and Sony Noise-cancelling fare. No amount of money thrown at my ear gear has kept them from becoming dead in one (or both) ears after a few months of the heavy abuse I typically subject them to.

And yes, here it is: It is a plus that they are so stylish looking (they come in black, brown and white) because during these stuffy summer months, they are the most prominent accessory of my hair-pulled back look as of late.

What, we can’t completely ignore visual aesthetics, can we? Pshaw.