Take one quick look around, and you’ll know without a shadow of a doubt that the death of Summer quickly approaches.

It’s easy, really. Impending Fashion Week, Football, Labor day, and not to mention me wearing a blazer, are all harbingers of the chill Autumn brings.

…Can someone give me a hell yeah?

If you’re wondering what I’m in the middle of saying, it’s something like this:

“This flesh-eating weed  lovely plant behind me wants to eat me, I know it.”

I really don’t think the collar trend is going away. It stands to reason that in the Fall we’ll have more ornate versions than the ones we had in the Spring. This one is staying, as is that other one.

I also think cute cartoons are going to be showing up a lot under blazers and otherwise conservative garb. This one is one of my faves. Sadly, the same will not be said of sandals or shorts (obviously), so enjoy them while they are here.


Here is what I am wearing:

T-Shirt, Blazer, Shorts: Uniqlo/Sandals, Collar: Aldo