Back in the day, when this blog was more of a journal than anything else, there used to be these cool posts dedicated to my yearly Christmas tree projects. Since the re-launch of this site back in April, and the subsequent hiatus in October, I inevitably toyed with the sad idea of not having a dedicated Christmas post this year.

After all, you might be sitting there asking yourself “What in the sam heck does a Christmas tree have to do with fashion or technology?” You know, you always ask the best questions.

The answer being, strictly speaking, not much. You could argue that the styling of the tree could be somewhat related to fashion. Especially since this year it’s a Steampunk tree, and all of that. (wink) You could also argue that since Steampunk, by definition, is aesthetically linked to fictitious technology, we should be pretty much covered, right?

You might be on point in all of this, but the truth is, I don’t think it matters very much that this particular post is slightly off topic. I have earned my Naughty list residence, and I am proud of if. This particular Her Infernal Majesty tradition will live long and prosper, my friends.

The Mayans were wrong, and so we’re heading straight to 2013.  Rest assured, there is lots of cool stuff coming to Her Infernal Majesty, and I for one, can’t wait to show all of you. Just for now, however, I hope you enjoy your eggnog, love all of your presents, and have the merriest Steampunk Christmas ever. Even if you didn’t get that jetpack you wanted.