It seems like it was only yesterday. You were sitting right were you are now. I was here as well, having a chai latte, I’m sure, and we were all exceedingly excited about Assassin’s Creed 3. 

Remember how I was so excited about it that I even dared to suggest that Nicholas K’s Spring 2013 collection might have actually been some sort of secret collaboration? Yeah, I know. I’m so silly.

Imagine my surprise then, upon recently learning that not only is the assassination frenzy not over, but the assassinating will now be done in between bouts of swashbuckling to boot.

That’s right, kiddies. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is about a pirate trained by assassins, which if you ask me, seems remarkably unfair to all involved. As far as I knew, one was required to have either booty or stealth. Having both is surely against a rule written somewhere, right?

Which got me thinking: What would I wear if I were a pirate assassin? (Other than a white hoodie, I mean.)

Here is the answer to that pressing question:

From the top left: the “Bloodied” ombre scarf may not even be available for sale, but I strongly encourage you to tell this talented lady how much you like her work.

The leather pants, and the stealthy belted top can be easily grabbed from Ksubi.

All of the badass jewelery is from Theo Fennell (Yes, it’s pricey, but umm, I thought you were a pirate?) except for the bracelet, which is from All Saints. The boots are Alexander Wang, and the obligatory white (cream?) jacket is from Rick Owens.  Niether is current season, so you’ll have to get plundering, and you may have to assassinate someone.

If after all that sartorial plundering, you find yourself still interested in the actual game, here’s the skinny:

As far as I was able to discern from the hands-0ff demo, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag will in fact allow you to be a pirate named Edward Kenway, who every so often, assassinates people “for his own mysterious purposes.” You will be required to effectively steer your own ship (without sinking it),  and hold on to your crew, all of whom are a valuable assets. You will board other ships, and yes, you will plunder for booty.

Visually, the game appears to push just a bit further than previous installments of the series. Which leads me to an interesting question: How do we think next generation consoles will handle the large amounts of water that are evidently present in this game?

Hmmm. *chin stroke*