In Sega’s third-person action title Bayonetta, the titular heroine is nothing less than a bad ass witch, and you know I’m not kidding.

You may not remember much of it now, ( seeing as Dante is once again vying for attention, and all) but you might recall, Bayonetta’s most powerful weapon is her ability to summon Madama Butterfly, a demoness she has made a pact with, and can control by using her liberally coiffed hair as a conduit. This ability and all related attacks are referred to as the Wicked Weave.

As a result, Bayonetta’s unruly hair often appears to have a life of its own. Very much like the hair of Rick Owen’s models during his Fall/Autumn 2013 presentation.

Rick Owens 1


photo 6

It is almost as if Bayonetta sauntered over to Mr. Owens, and by some pact, commissioned this collection of cool jackets and awesome boots. Surely, she asked for the collection to be reflective of her own strength under extreme circumstances, and saw Rick Owens as her very own fashion Rodin, who owns a boutique called La Porte de l’Enfer.

Interestingly enough, the collection doesn’t just feature Wicked Weaves, but also includes some interesting uses of wicked weaving. Although it evokes a sort of “bondage” feel, (do you remember Bayonetta’s torture attacks?) the knotting is actually meant to be referential of traditional basket weaving methods.

photo 7


Of course, Bayonetta’s second most powerful weapons are, as with most women, her shoes. For every moment you entertained taking off your heels and using them as sharp instruments of death, Bayonetta thought she could do one better.

It seems Rick Owens agreed.

Bayonetta Heels Rick Owens