After announcing a few days ago that we would be seeing not one, but three Grand Theft Auto V Trailers, Rockstar Games makes good on their promise, and delivers the treats they’ve been wickedly parading in front of us.

Titled Michael, Franklin and Trevor, each of the trailers are just over a minute long, and achieve exactly what they’ve surely been designed to do.  Not quite the full meal, (the game will be out on September 17th, as if you didn’t know) but hearty enough to remind us of how yummy a confection it promises to be, and keep our tummies primed for the feast.

Michael, a former career criminal, bored with his current life, and in conflict with his son, Jimmy.

Franklin, a kid trapped in the gang-infested part of town, and looking for a way out.

Trevor, an ex-miliatary bat-weilding redneck drug dealer.

As usual, Rockstar promises to deliver a dark crime-driven tale laced with plenty black humor, sure to lift the most jaded of souls.

Press play above, for an edit all three videos in sequential order, and be sure to leave your rants in the comments section below!