Alright, alright. I know what you’ve been thinking.

You’ve probably been hanging around here thinking to yourself, “My, there certainly is a lot about gaming (or you know, Technology) around here, but not so much about Fashion, and the Geek Out might not be so Du Jour.

Allow me to beg your pardon, but the truth is, the fashion of my fashion has been somewhat subdued lately. I seem to have committed the worst of the faux pas, and found some pieces that I am utterly comfortable in.

I know!  I am oh-so-boring these days! Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it will change soon enough (because that’s how I roll) but for the time being, most of my outfits look more or less the same, and if I were to actually post those here, you would probably find yourself staring at a steady stream of bedroom selfies, all of them somewhat akin to this one:


There you have it. I am literally wearing black jeans, a black t-shirt of some sort, and some wedge sneakers, which is the same I have been wearing pretty much everywhere for the last few weeks. I’ll concede you might have liked to see one or two, but I’m willing to bet, you’d probably get sick of the entire endeavor pretty quickly.

Truly, I felt we needed to clear the air on that one, you and I. :)

Now that we got that out of the way, there is some disseminating to be done, if you’re into it. For instance:

On Jeans

These days, the majority mine are coming from Uniqlo. They are not even close to being pricey, tend to come a multitude of colors, and hold up well after several washes. The ones I’m wearing are here, and come in about 8 colors, but of course mine had to be black.

On T-Shirts

I absolutely cannot stand “girl cut” tees. The problem, you see, isn’t so much the cut, but the material from which they are made. Through trial and error, I have observed that for some mysterious reason, the material from which women’s tees are cut tends to be of poorer quality than the material used for men’s t-shirts. This isn’t always the case, mind you, but it’s true often enough so that it presents a problem. My solution has been to generally procure men’s  t-shirts on the extra small size whenever available. Obviously, they aren’t all cut the same, and they aren’t m all made of the best material, so do try them on before you take one home.

On Sneakers:

The elation I feel upon knowing that sneakers have made such a through comeback is simply the stuff of legend, kiddies. The wedge sneakers, though they came into my possession somewhat reluctantly, are now a staple, much like the famed UES sneakers (More on those later). More of the clothing we wear regularly should be as versatile and aesthetically pleasing as the current crop of sneakers making the rounds.

Here is something I’m curious about: Has anyone else adopted a uniform of sorts? And do you feel this is a positive or negative? No time to be shy now. Go on, and blab your face off.