It probably says something about me that I missed Lady Gaga. But most importantly, it says something about all of us,  that exactly 24 hours after the release of the the video for her newest single, “Applause,” the internet is abuzz with articles intent on dissecting the various influences and styles featured in it.

Lady Gaga and subtlety may walk past each other in the hallway of the universe, but they have never once looked at at each other for longer than a microsecond, if that. So, to stand here and say that she has obviously been influenced by Mr. Bowie at his most bombastic and Warhol-esque “High Art” is actually kind of blah, because you know, that’s what Lady Gaga does.

As someone who has crafted herself into being the ultimate expression of pop culture, at this point, all Lady Gaga needs to do in order to prove how necessary she truly is, is take a break and let us take in all that came before her. And man, is it a sad scene. Aside from some welcome breaks, (i.e., Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories”) the pop landscape was starting to look pretty dismal and might I add, boring as all hell.

So, welcome back Lady Gaga. Pop Culture at large embraces you with open robot arms, not only because your deliberate narcissism is a mirror in and of itself, but because every time we think we have you figured out, you turn around and hit us with something like this:

Lady-Gaga swan