Good news everyone! All Saints has mastered human cloning. They found the one model they really liked, and just cloned the shit out of her.

I’m kidding. Yes, it’s the same model over and over in the same nondescript parking lot. I’m only mentioning it because it seems odd to ignore it, really. All Saints has always been the kind of brand that does one particular aesthetic exceedingly well.  So, you know, it makes sense that they would want to use one model for all their looks. Consistency is definitely a staple they should keep and you know…clone.

All Saints Fall 2014 1

I’ve oftentimes wondered why All Saints even bothers with a Spring line. Surely, it’s just a formality. Their Fall offerings are always so on point, I worry they might literally break Fashion if they just said “fuck it, we’re just going to put out Fall lines once a year, and you can all just shut up about it.”

All Saints Fall 2014 3

I wouldn’t even blame them. On the contrary, I’d be all like, “Oh, great! Now you can just have all of my money year-round. Good times!”

Admit it. Not only would it mess with your whole reality, but it would probably prompt your brain to explode in a wave of sheer euphoria. It’s kind of what would happen if you saw thirty identical women walking down the street, dressed in All Saints. Brain explosion doesn’t quite cover it, does it?