The Wolf Among us is A point-and-Click series by Telltale Games, which is decidedly current-gen. Or, last gen, depending on how you look at it. oh, shut up you’ll love it.

Some people may not want to hear this. But you, know, since this blog is called Her Infernal Majesty, and not Their Innocent Virgin Ears, here it goes: I am an Xbox One owner, and I’m actually liking it thus far.

Yes, yes, go ahead and hiss, if you’re a Sony person, or even if you’re just into random hissing, for some weird reason. But after you’re done with that, are you up for some irony?

Despite the fact that the Xbox One can do exactly 101 cool things, and that its main selling point is its ability to essentially take over your living room with every kind of content you can imagine, there is at least one thing it cannot bring you:

True Love.

I’m kidding. Although, for real, it really can’t bring you that. You shouldn’t hold that against the Xbox One, though. It’s just not fair.


Here is what the Xbox One truly can’t bring you, me, or anyone: The Wolf Among Us.

No, I won’t sit here and complain about backwards compatibility, because I was bored with that five months ago. Even as it relates to this game, it makes sense that it isn’t available in any next-gen console.

The most interesting part of all this is that I have thus far been willing to forgo my next-gen experience for the sake of experiencing this game on my television. Not on an iPad, or phone. Both of which by the way, are readily available.

Does this game feature fancy graphics in any way? No. Do you shoot things? No. In fact, nothing about this game is particularly fancy or cutting edge. It even has load screens, for fuck’s sake.

Broken down into its components, Wolf Among Us is far more compelling and addictive than it has any right to be. Like The Walking Dead, its focus is on characters, their motivations and your relationship with them. There are action scenes, but your involvement as a player will most often be in the form of QTEs and conversation trees.

Still, it’s freakin’ awesome.


Which is why, we are here. In my living room. My Xbox 360 plugged in, and for the moment, laughing at its bigger, shinnier, unused brother.

As it relates to a Wolf Among Us, this situation is exceedingly appropriate. And suddenly, the Console Wars mean something entirely different.