So there you were. On the front page of this blog again, with nothing new to read. Your ice cream was all melty. Your latte was all room temperature-like. Charlie Brown had nothing on you.

Alright, it was a sad sight. Totally my fault, and I’m sorry.

But please don’t despair, dear reader, for I have not abandoned thee. Not really. Quite the contrary, I’ve only been quiet here because I was busy working some really cool stuff which once revealed, will make you glad you didn’t take it personally when it seemed I was pulling a Fade Away break up on you.  So be glad, and slow down on the ice cream.

  • First off, have you heard about Infernal Penguins yet? Sure you have, because you are cool and in the know. And since you are all of those things, I’ll continue on secure in the knowledge that you’ve already signed up to be one of the first to know about the official launch in early 2015, which will only reconfirm your innate awesomeness. Much like this blog, Infernal Penguins will offer all sorts of fun insights on the gaming and technology space. We’ll also be all up on that pop culture game, so get ready to get sucked into a multi-tabbed spiral. To be sure, all the weird fashion stuff will stay here, where it belongs, so don’t think I’m going anywhere for good.
  • Somewhat related, there has been some streaming going on lately. Oh, I see. You’ve heard about that too. So then of course, you know that the streaming is happening over at Twitch under the ExpertPenguin channel.  But here is what you might not know: there is actually a just-created official Infernal Penguins channel! OMG, I know. So many Penguins. 

It’s true, I’ve become quite the many-headed beast over the last few months. But don’t let that scare you. They’re nice heads, for the most part. They only eat organic, so…

Anyway, there’s more cool stuff to talk about, like what the heck have I been wearing, for example? And what, do I really not have anything to say about that Grand Theft Auto life?

All in good time, my friends. All in good time. In the meantime, check out the streams, and don’t forget to keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram.

I mean, we can still be friends, right?