Oh, hey Alexandre Plokhov. Didn’t see you there, since you layered black on black, and set yourself up in front of a black background… at night, probably.

Not making fun of you, or anything. I am after all, a recovering NYC Goth. I know all about black on black on black just for the hell of it.  I’m just saying that if you’re trying to sneak up on homegirl, you probably should do it in pieces I’m more likely to ignore.

Out there in the busy world of RTW, people are already busy saying things like, “Oh, Alexandre’s been missing from the Menswear game since Fall 2013,” and “oh shiznit, it’s because he’s been busy working on a Women’s line.”

But come on, man. You know that’s not true. I mean, unless you’re saying you want me to ignore that awesome Urban Sweat collection you worked on over at Uniqlo for Fall 2014.

I really hope not, because I picked up almost every women’s piece, and strongly considered some of the men’s, because I thought they were just as well-constructed. If I’m being totally honest, only the “obviously meant for a guy” fit stilled my hand in those instances, and I suspect that’s exactly what you wanted isn’t it?


So, are you really trying to sneak up on me, like some kind of fashion ninja? Did you read this thing and figured that’s what I meant?

Dude, I hope not. For all the talk these days about androgyny in fashion, (which is kind of old hat by now, TBH) we need more designers like you, who know how to effectively play in two worlds, all without getting lost in the shadows.