For all the times you’ve said a thing was beautiful, did you really know why you felt that way? Or did you task Future You with deciding why that was exactly?

Last week, as I found myself drooling over Aganovich’s entire Fall ’16 RTW, I had the rare opportunity to really think about that idea.

Of course, these designs are beautiful, and I want all of them in my closet right now. But do I feel that way because black and white clothing are, you know…. such a thing for me? Is it the Neo Gothic aesthetic that’s never quite managed to fully escape my orbit?

The truth is, I have no idea whether Nana Aganovich or Brooke Taylor (Aganovich creators) would describe their art as neo gothic, or neo goth, or whatever. In fact, I would lean towards probably not.


Here’s what I do know: There was once a 13-year-old who, without knowing the first thing about materials, tailoring, the history of the Goths, or 16th century architecture, found this aesthetic and the undeniable drama of it, beautiful.

She barely understood what “juxtaposition” meant, but she was sure that sneakers paired with draped pieces were a stroke of brilliance.

Indeed, a 13-year old tasked future Her with figuring out exactly why she felt what she felt.  Who says procrastination is a lost art?

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