What is this Her Infernal Majesty business, and why isn’t there a heart-pentagram drawie-thingie anywhere here?



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Her Infernal Majesty is a place where gaming, fashion,  technology and all manner of geekery meet and hang out like the long lost buddies they are. It’s a hybrid of all, with no particular hierarchy, other than that which I assign at a moment’s notice, because that’s how I roll.
Stick around if you’re into game reviews, videos, interviews, tech musings,  personal style pieces,  and all of the protracted geek rants you can handle.
As for me, I’m Jessica M; also known in some circles as Her Infernal Majesty. The name just kind of stuck for me, and consequently, this site as well. I’m a writer from New York, so we should totally hang out.
Want to get in touch? Sure thing. Hit me up. Operators are standing by.