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It’s the funniest thing to find bits of your own writing that seem like they were written a million years ago, by someone that might have been you.

This is an epic poem called “Steel” I only vaguely remember writing. It’s pretty violent and fairly ridiculous. I hope you like it, but if you don’t… well, it’s kind old, so…

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You’re Lonely, and I Get it

So there you were. On the front page of this blog again, with nothing new to read. Your ice cream was all melty. Your latte was all room temperature-like. Charlie Brown had nothing on you.

Alright, it was a sad sight. Totally my fault, and I’m sorry.

But please don’t despair, dear reader, for I have not abandoned thee. Not really. Quite the contrary, I’ve only been quiet here because I was busy working some really cool stuff which once revealed, will make you glad you didn’t take it personally when it seemed I was pulling a Fade Away break up on you.  So be glad, and slow down on the ice cream.

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The Chemicals Between Us: A Breaking Bad Series Finale Liveblog with ExpertPenguin and Her Infernal Majesty


Alright, be honest. Are you having Breaking Bad withdrawal shakes right now? Do you wish you could  hear Jesse say “Yeah, Bitch!” one final time? Looking for reasons to never have chamomile tea ever again? For reals?! Us too!

If you hanged around with me and my often Saul-like counterpart, ExperPenguin for the Dexter series finale liveblog, then you should check out the equally obsessed to-the-minute liveblog hilarity we engaged in during the Breaking Bad series finale. Read along, or put in your two cents during our goodbye to the best hero/anti-hero/villain on the TV landscape.

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For Better Or Worse: A Dexter Series Finale Live Blog with ExpertPenguin and Her Infernal Majesty

The final season of Dexter has finally come to a close, and for those of us who have traveled the long, confusing, blood-soaked road of America’s Favorite serial killer, it’s time to part ways with the Dark Passenger in all of us.

Thanks to all who joined me, Her Infernal Majesty and my own personal Harry, ExpertPenguin, as we made our internal monologues known,  in order to bid our favorite blood spatter analyst goodbye.

The transcript of the liveblog is after the jump, for your giggly pleasure. Continue Reading

Lady Gaga’s Applause: Narcissism Of The Best Kind

It probably says something about me that I missed Lady Gaga. But most importantly, it says something about all of us,  that exactly 24 hours after the release of the the video for her newest single, “Applause,” the internet is abuzz with articles intent on dissecting the various influences and styles featured in it.

Lady Gaga and subtlety may walk past each other in the hallway of the universe, but they have never once looked at at each other for longer than a microsecond, if that. So, to stand here and say that she has obviously been influenced by Mr. Bowie at his most bombastic and Warhol-esque “High Art” is actually kind of blah, because you know, that’s what Lady Gaga does. Continue Reading

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