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It’s the funniest thing to find bits of your own writing that seem like they were written a million years ago, by someone that might have been you.

This is an epic poem called “Steel” I only vaguely remember writing. It’s pretty violent and fairly ridiculous. I hope you like it, but if you don’t… well, it’s kind old, so…

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You’re Lonely, and I Get it

So there you were. On the front page of this blog again, with nothing new to read. Your ice cream was all melty. Your latte was all room temperature-like. Charlie Brown had nothing on you.

Alright, it was a sad sight. Totally my fault, and I’m sorry.

But please don’t despair, dear reader, for I have not abandoned thee. Not really. Quite the contrary, I’ve only been quiet here because I was busy working some really cool stuff which once revealed, will make you glad you didn’t take it personally when it seemed I was pulling a Fade Away break up on you.  So be glad, and slow down on the ice cream.

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A Steampunk Christmas

Back in the day, when this blog was more of a journal than anything else, there used to be these cool posts dedicated to my yearly Christmas tree projects. Since the re-launch of this site back in April, and the subsequent hiatus in October, I inevitably toyed with the sad idea of not having a dedicated Christmas post this year.

After all, you might be sitting there asking yourself “What in the sam heck does a Christmas tree have to do with fashion or technology?” You know, you always ask the best questions.

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Ready Player One: Ernie Cline Destroys My Productivity and I Love It

Did you ever stop, and think to yourself, that maybe – just maybe – you’ve been spending too much time on the cloud?

Most of us have had that thought, at one point or the other, and usually the solution is to simply get off your butt and take a walk outside. If you’re really hardcore, you’ll do it without once touching your phone.

Now think about this: What if there was nothing to go outside to?  What if the real world was such an ugly, dilapidated place, that the illusion of a manufactured reality seemed like a much more desirable alternative?

For Wade Watts, the protagonist of Ernest Cline’s debut novel, Ready Player One, this isn’t just an idle thought. In the year 2044, humanity has reached a sort of self-imposed second dark age, and found itself willingly enveloped by a virtual world in which anything is possible, and yet very few are actually content. Continue Reading