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Destiny: The Legend of Us

A little more than a year ago, Destiny made its way into my living room. It was a warm September afternoon, when my finger brushed against a shiny new console, and the first image of the now-iconic Traveler appeared.

At the time, most gamers I knew were super into first-person shooters, (i.e, Call of Duty, ect.) but for the most part, were largely unfamiliar the MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) portion of Destiny‘s DNA.

Believe it or not, I was even further removed than that. Up until that afternoon, a strict ban of FPS’s had long been in place at my residence; only to to be lifted under the most special circumstances, which ironically enough, did not include any iteration of Halo. Continue Reading

Grand Theft Auto V: The Great American Mirror

A few days ago, I reached the end of Grand Theft Auto V for the second time. Like most people re-playing the game on a current-gen console, this time around, I allowed myself more time to enjoy the little things, like random kicking over of “For Sale” signs and searching the map for spaceship parts.

Like it or not, Grand Theft Auto occupies a unique place in modern culture. Rampages and lapdances may be (a super fun) part of that, but that’s not really what the games in the series have been about for a long time now. Instead, it’s GTA’s preoccupation with the pursuit of the American Dream, and most markedly, the betrayal of it (or by it) that are at the cornerstone of its storytelling. Continue Reading

The Wolf Among Us and The Real Console Wars

The Wolf Among us is A point-and-Click series by Telltale Games, which is decidedly current-gen. Or, last gen, depending on how you look at it. oh, shut up you’ll love it.

Some people may not want to hear this. But you, know, since this blog is called Her Infernal Majesty, and not Their Innocent Virgin Ears, here it goes: I am an Xbox One owner, and I’m actually liking it thus far. Continue Reading

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Fools Iced Respite

Why oh why, people seem to intermittently ask, do games seem manically obsessed with the idea of shooting things? Why can’t anyone think of a game in which we are asked to do things other than to ice some fools with AK-47s? All of this violence is some serious BS, and you’re not gonna take it anymore. I mean, sheesh! Doesn’t it make you wanna shoot something?

Alright, alright. For serious, though, you’re not wrong. And the truth is, these generally non-violent games are out there. They just typically don’t get the same level of attention that say, our yearly helping of Call of Duty might, and whatever the reasons may or may not be, it’s nothing less than a shame. Continue Reading

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