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iOS 6: Apple Maps Gets No Love

Are you one of the lucky millions holding an iPhone 5 today, on the day after iDay?

No? Well, don’t feel too bad. Really, it’s ok.

Yes, it’s true. The hardware on the newer model is undeniably far superior, (A6 chip swoon) but thanks to Apple’s love of consistency across devices, we all get to experience the promised land that is iOS 6. Chances are, if you have an earlier generation iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod Touch, you’ve already invested the 45 minutes to an hour it takes to download and install iOS 6 over WiFi. After you did that, you probably wasted little time before launching and trying out one of the most talked about new features of the OS: Apple Maps.

…And, if you’re anything like most of the iWorld right now, you probably hate its silicon guts, like it just spilled a drink on your Sergio Rossi loafers.

Take a deep breath. No iSmashing.

First of all, let’s call things what they are. Apple Maps is broken as fuck. But what does that mean, exactly? How badly did Apple truly fornicate the proverbial canine?

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Skullcandy Aviators: The Unexpected Accessory

I see you, sir Audiophile. Sitting there, holding your Sennheiser HDs around your neck, and saying to yourself, “This chick is about to stand there and tell me about how cool her bright pink Skullcandies are. Great. Maybe if I nod a few times, and then feign some kind of emergency, I might be able to make it out of here without chewing my own leg off.” 

By all means, sir, flee. But before you do, note that this is no simple foray into the visual aesthetics of a product designed by a brand well- known for doing exactly that. In fact, it’s kind of the opposite. Just sayin’.

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