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You’re Lonely, and I Get it

So there you were. On the front page of this blog again, with nothing new to read. Your ice cream was all melty. Your latte was all room temperature-like. Charlie Brown had nothing on you.

Alright, it was a sad sight. Totally my fault, and I’m sorry.

But please don’t despair, dear reader, for I have not abandoned thee. Not really. Quite the contrary, I’ve only been quiet here because I was busy working some really cool stuff which once revealed, will make you glad you didn’t take it personally when it seemed I was pulling a Fade Away break up on you.  So be glad, and slow down on the ice cream.

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The Wolf Among Us and The Real Console Wars

The Wolf Among us is A point-and-Click series by Telltale Games, which is decidedly current-gen. Or, last gen, depending on how you look at it. oh, shut up you’ll love it.

Some people may not want to hear this. But you, know, since this blog is called Her Infernal Majesty, and not Their Innocent Virgin Ears, here it goes: I am an Xbox One owner, and I’m actually liking it thus far. Continue Reading

The All Saints Cloning Initiative

Good news everyone! All Saints has mastered human cloning. They found the one model they really liked, and just cloned the shit out of her.

I’m kidding. Yes, it’s the same model over and over in the same nondescript parking lot. I’m only mentioning it because it seems odd to ignore it, really. All Saints has always been the kind of brand that does one particular aesthetic exceedingly well.  So, you know, it makes sense that they would want to use one model for all their looks. Consistency is definitely a staple they should keep and you know…clone.

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