It is my belief that someone within the inner sanctum of the fashion world discretely leaned over and whispered to Nicholas K that Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed 3 was on its way to us soon.

What’s that? You’re wondering how I know this? Easy! It’s just so happens that some of  key pieces presented Nicholas K’s Spring ’13 show are looking mighty… Assassiny.

It’s true, there is very little white, or red for that matter, but please tell me all of that lovely sandy-colored fabric hasn’t been skillfully constructed with the express purpose of concealing a weapon, or two. That’s right. You can’t, can you?

The  flowy hoods are a dead giveaway, as are the hyper-round glasses, which aren’t very assasiny, or creedy, but  do serve to add an extra layer of nerdiness to the proceedings.

The verdict is clear, ladies and gents. Nicholas K is a gamer, and wants to you have something to wear while you assasinate fools with a tomahawk.

Nothing wrong with that, as far as I’m  concerned.

 Nicholas K runway images via The Cut