New Yorkers are, generally speaking, a well-prepared bunch.
Having spent (at the very least) a portion of our lives navigating the capricious nature of the weather around us, we have developed the methods, and yes, the wardrobes for nearly all manner of nature-related inconveniences.

Take for instance, this past week. Yes, we had a blizzard. We were advised not to travel, and to just chill out at home, if at all possible. And you know, in most cases, that would all be well and good. Everyone loves a snow day, right? Except for the fact that oh, yeah, it’s Fashion Week, and climbing down from our heels is simply not an option.

…Or is it? Did I not just say we had the wardrobe contingencies to withstand just about anything? Yes! I love it when you pay attention.

Last season, I made some liberal juxtapositions between Nicholas K and certain assassin. I don’t know if that proposed collaboration ever got off the ground, but I will say this: the Fall 2013 Collection does leave us very well-prepared for weather anomalies, and yes, perhaps the odd assassination attempt here and there.

photo 1

It’s interesting how most of the layering here is happening on the Menswear side. Which, you know, supports my theory. Menswear is taking over. But I digress. The light sandy palette here evokes images of preparedness in the harshest of conditions.  On the right, for instance, you can probably image the fur-lined hat as providing much needed warmth during cool autumn nights, as you explore the far reaches of the urban amazon.

photo 2

The nomadic preparedness DNA remains instilled in these pieces as well, but here, we begin seeing some true fall colors. Again, the guys will probably take over the layering side, while the girls will be more at home with light draped pieces like the green poncho on the left.

photo 5


Here are some fun tips: you should probably pick up some teal pants, and maybe a skirt. Throw in some plaid, while you’re at it. Whatever your style, there is a shade of green that works for you. Also, don’t throw/give away that metal collar have from last season. Kenneth Cole on the left, Band of Outsiders on the right.

photo 3


No Fashion Week recap is complete until you mention Alexander Wang at least once. I don’t know what you’ve been told, but it’s seriously on the rule book somewhere. You’re probably already plotting to forgo your college fund in favor of this fall collection, aren’t you? A wise investment, no doubt. I mean, did you notice the awesome “footwarmer” shoes? Now there is something worth preparing for.